Do you know chiffon cake? It is a very fluffy and lightly sweetened cake from north America. Very popular in Japan, it can be found in numerous varieties (matcha, lemon, toffee, chocolate…), a sweetness meant for everyone.



Opened since June 2021, let’s take a glimpse at Morisuke shop located in Tepemok. Where does “Morisuke” name came from you might think? It is simply the owner last name, MORI, and a funny suffix she added, SUKE.

MORI Natsuyo was living in Tokyo when she discovered her passion for bakery during her teenage years. After school, she used to go to a little chiffon cake shop next to her home. Years gone by and her passion for cake and bakery grew deeper to the point that she went to a pastry school and opened her first store in Tokyo.


Mori and Setouchi city

However, after visiting Setouchi city, she fell in love with its picturesque charms and particularly for Ushimado atmosphere where she decided to settle and open a shop.

You can now taste feathery chiffon cakes, all sort of delicious cakes but also crunchy cookies at Ushimado.

The ingredients came from Okayama prefecture, unfailing support to local farmers and producers. But Morisuke is more than a simple bakery shop. You can also buy culinary art goods such as cup, plate, tray and others.

A sweet and ethereal getaway with a beautiful view on Ushimado “Aegean Sea”. See you soon at Morisuke!

Opening Hours

Opening hours : from 11 a.m to 6p.m
Opening days : Monday then from wednesday to sunday
Closed day : Tuesday

Telephone : 080-5811-7896

Contact the shop for more information about annual closing period (New Year, National holiday...)



4448-1 Ushimadocho Ushimado, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4302


Public transportation

Take the Ako line train from Okayama station to Oku station (around 30 min). Then, take the bus from Oku station stop in direction of Ushimado and stop at Ayaura (around 18 min). Finally, walk to TEPEMOK (around 3 min).


Take a taxi from Oku  (around 20 min and 2500-3000 yen one way).

By car from Okayama

Take the ‘Blue line’, to ‘Oku’. Then, follow the sign road in direction of ‘Ushimado’ (around 50 min).


Free parking lot

website (in Japanese only): Morisuke – モリスケ