How to best experience Setouchi!

Setouchi city overflows with places to check out, delicious food to devour, activities to try out, art to admire and history to learn about!

With so many adventures to be had, here are a few itineraries that we came up with (with even more to come)!

These are of course only suggestions, so don’t hesitate to mix and match!

En route!

Historical Day Trip in Ushimado

Get to know the story of this traditional seaside town and enjoy some local food!

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Overnight Aegean Sea Experience

The Mediterranean flair ‘à la Japonaise’!

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Half-day Japanese Sword Tour

Dive right into the mystical world of the Japanese Sword!

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Wander around the historical town of Bizen Fukuoka

A half-day exploration around a once important regional merchant town!

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