A night to remember in a legendary and a picturesque area!

Most of Setouchi’s accommodations are situated in the seaside town of Ushimado. You can be sure to enjoy an amazing view on the Seto Inland Sea and witness unique sunsets (or sunrises for the early birds) from each and every single one of them!

This is a great opportunity to take it slow and truly experience everything Setouchi and the Seto Inland Sea have to offer.

Soak in the atmosphere. Taste the food. Breath in the History. Feel the moment. Experience Japan.

This is what takes a trip from enjoyable to memorable. 

Limani Hotel

Gorgeous views on the Seto Inland Sea, delicious Mediterranean food, international staff, and direct boat services to the famous islands of Naoshima, Inujima, and Teshima, the Limani Hotel truly has it all! Situated only a few meters away from the Maejima Ferry port and the main street of the old town of Ushimado, Limani Hotel is the perfect place to relax far from the crowds and experience a different side of Japan. Website available in English, Chinese and Japanese.


International Villa

Hide away for a night or two up on a hilltop surrounded by olive trees. The international villa overlooks the Seto Inland Sea in a serene environment only a few minutes away from the Olive garden. There are no words to describe the splendor of the sun setting and rising over the Ushimado bay – it is a must-see-it-for-yourself-to believe-it view. The villa is managed by the Olive garden shop.
For more information please click on the following link (english available): http://nippon-olive.info/mall/villa/
Small tip: Enjoy a delicious morning coffee or fresh juice in the cafe above the Olive Garden shop!


Carillon House

Located on the ever green island of Maejima right off the shore, Carillon House accommodates groups of a minimum of 10 people whether it is for leisure, school camps or company training courses. Carillon House offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, camping, barbecuing as well as star gazing through one of those impressive telescopes usually only found in astronomy centres. Visitors can also choose what type of accommodation they wish to stay in, whether it is a dorm, a small Japanese cottage facing the sea, or maybe simply their own tent. Meals are all catered in the House’s on-site canteen so there is truly nothing to worry about, all is taken care of for you! This is the perfect place for a weekend trip to disconnect from your everyday life and simply enjoy the beauty of nature in a fun environment!
Website only in Japanese: http://carillon-house.com/



There are many pensions and guest-houses managed by lovely locals scattered around Ushimado and Maejima Island. They usually serve fresh seafood dishes in traditional japanese accomodations with views on the sea. This is perfect for anyone looking for a genuine and authentic Japanese cultural experience. The hosts however usually do not know how to speak english, so it would be recommended for any international visitors to learn a few words before going!

Here are a couple of recommendations (websites only in Japanese):

For a more complete list of pensions in and around Ushimado, please visit http://www.ushimado.info/member/