The beautiful and historical seaside town of Ushimado is full of things to see and experience! A great starting point would be the Tourist information office in the Setouchi Kirari building (瀬戸内きらり館) situated right in front of the Maejima ferry harbour.

In this softly lit information centre, you are sure to find everything and anything you need to start your wanders around Ushimado. There are of course a wide range of maps and brochures to pick up, but also a great selection of local products to bring back home from Ushimado, such as local oyster products and delicious olive oil, as well as some from other areas of Setouchi city, in particular paper knives forged by Swordsmiths from Osafune and even some sake with beautiful paintings of Yumeji from Oku.

The centre also includes coin lockers of various sizes to store your bags in, as well as bikes to rent out for 500 yen for 4 hours per bike. Information in English is a bit limited but you can be sure that the lovely staff will be as helpful as possible! So don’t be shy, get that google translator out if needed, and have a chat about the places to see and the food to eat! 


/ Price & Opening Hours

Free entry
Open from 8:30 to 17:00
Closed on Tuesday


Setouchi Kirari Building

3031-2 Ushimadochō Ushimado, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4302


By public transport:

Board a train from Okayama station to Oku station on the Ako line (around 30 min).

At Oku station, take the bus to Ushimado (bus stop right in front of the station) and get off at the last stop in front of the Limani hotel (around 20 min). Then walk 3 minutes to the information centre situated right in front of the Maejima ferry harbour.


Take a 15 min taxi ride from Oku station around 2800 yen one way

By car:

Take the Blue Line and get off at the Oku Exit. Then follow the signs indicating ‘Ushimado’. Around 50 minutes.

Useful information:

Free parking near the Maejima ferry harbour.