Nothing prepares you for the beauty of the view from the hilltop as you make your way through the numerous olive trees. It simply takes your breath away. From the hilltop, you can admire the many evergreen islands scattered about, the quiet port town of Ushimado lying below, the hand full of boats gliding by, and if you come at the right time, a mesmerising sunrise and sunset.  The Seto Inland sea truly deserves its nickname ‘The Aegean Sea of the East’.

In line with this theme, you can find many Greek inspired monuments sprinkled around the olive garden. So don’t hesitate to go grab one of the shop’s famous olive ice cream and have a wander around the garden.

Aside from the breathtaking view, there is always something to admire all year round, whether it is the colourful plum flowers at the end of winter, the delicate cherry blossoms in spring, or even the deep blue of the hydrangea in June.

Hotel, Shop and Cafe
For those wishing to enjoy the garden for more than just a day and have the chance to get a glimpse of the fiery red of the setting sun over the glittering sea, you can always stay in a room of the international villa which sits only 15 minutes away by foot from the garden. The check-in and check-out is done directly at the Olive Garden shop. For more information, please click on the following link. The shop itself offers a wide range of high quality cosmetic products made with olive oil, as well as different variations of olive oils (some even have a nice distinct ginger taste to it!). There are always some sample to taste from, so go on and dip that piece of bread in there! And do not forget to pop by the modernly designed cafe on the second floor! 

/ Price & Opening Hours

No entrance fee
Shop and Cafe are open all year from 9 am to 5 pm


Ushimado Olive Garden

412−1 Ushimadocho Ushimado, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4302


By public transport:

Board the train on the Ako line from Okayama station and get off at Oku station (25 min). Spot the bus stop located in front of the station and hop on the bus heading to Ushimado (20 min). Get off at the Olive garden stop. Be careful though! Even if the stop is named after the garden, you are not there yet! You can either hike up the hill for around 30 minutes, or grab a taxi ( around 5 minutes).

Another option is to simply grab a taxi at Oku station (around 20 min and 2500 to 3000 yen)

By car :

53 minutes by car from Okayama station.

Free parking available.

Website (only in Japanese):