It is impossible to describe Takehisa Yumeji in one single word. Vagabond artist, rebellious painter, poet, yukata graphic designer, children magazine illustrator, trailblazer, prominent figure of the Taisho-romanticism artistic style, Yumeji is still today a worldwide acclaimed artist, especially known for the paintings of his famous ‘beauties’.

He was born in the late 19th century in Oku (present-day Setouchi city) in a family of sake brewers and farmers. The traditional thatched-roof home, in which he lived until the age of 16 years old and where it is believed he drew his first inspirations, is now a lovely museum in which you can leisurely have a look in the home in which he grew up as well as many of his masterpieces.

Visiting Yumeji’s childhood house allows you to not only understand and imagine how the famous painter spent the first sixteen years of his life, but also to feel how life must have been like back in 19th century rural Japan for a family of farmers and sake brewers.

Only a few meters away stands Yumeji’s reconstructed workplace which was originally built in Tokyo but was abandoned and consequently demolished after his death. The mansion was designed by Yumeji himself and is a mix of Japanese and Western architecture making it one of Yumeji’s chef-d’oeuvres. Inside, many pictures of Yumeji’s life are hung on the walls, from his early childhood, his bohemian-like lifestyle as a vagabond artist, his marriage and his muses, to his final days.

Be sure to go have a look in their newly built cafe where you can admire not only more of Yumeji’s master pieces but also the beautiful Japanese style tea corner. You can either try your hand at whisking your own matcha tea or have one of the staff kindly make one for you. In any case, you’ll be sure to be treated to artistically and deliciously made wagashi (Japanese sweet)! Yumeji’s childhood house truly invites you to peacefully enjoy your visit at your own pace.

Quick tip:
Yumeji’s childhood home is also linked to the Yumeji art museum located in Okayama city. So if you want a complete experience and to see more paintings of Yumeji, take the time to stop by the art museum as well. Click here for more info!

/ Price & Opening Hours

Open from 9 am to 5 pm (last entry: 16:30).
Closed on Mondays and the day following a public holidays.
If a Monday is a public holiday, the museum is open then but will be closed the following day.

Adult: 500 yen
Student (middle school, high school and university): 250 yen
Primary school student: 200 yen


Yumeji's Childhood Home

1187 Okucho Kitashima, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4232


By public transport:  

Board the train on the Ako line from Okayama station and get off at Oku station (25 min). Spot the bus stop located in front of the station and hop on the bus heading to Ushimado (10 min). Get off at the Yumeji stop.

Another option is to simply grab a taxi at Oku station (around 10 min and costs around 1500 yen)

By car from Okayama station:

Get on the Blue Line and exit at Oku exit. Follow the ‘Yumeji Birthplace’ signs.  Around 41 minutes.

Useful information:

Free parking available.
Some panels are in English.