This is a true paradise for any fruit-lover, or more specifically anyone who has an unlimited love for strawberries! You have an hour to freely roam the many greenhouses of this garden and try out all the different types of strawberries on offer. Some are juicier, some are sweeter, some are bigger, just take your pick!

However be aware that depending on the season there may be more or less strawberries, so we recommend that you stop by between December and May or send them an email to check. From July to August, blueberries take over the area, so be sure to double check! We also recommend to come in early before the crowd as there is a limited amount of strawberries.

For those who still have some room after feasting on all them strawberries or who need a break, the cafe right next to the greenhouse offers a delicious menu that you can check out here!

The entire facility accommodates everyone, whether you come with children or someone with a disability. All in all, this is a great outing that anyone can enjoy!

/ Price & Opening Hours

All-you-can-eat one hour strawberry picking :
Adult: 1800 yen
Primary school students: 1300 yen
Infants above 3 years old: 800 yen
Infants under 2 years old: Free

All-you-can-eat 40 minutes blueberry picking (early July to end of August):
Adult: 800 yen
Primary school students: 600 yen
Infants above 3 years old: 300 yen
Infants under 2 years old: Free

Open from 9:00 to 17:00
Open all year and all week apart from New Year’s Eve and New year’s Day


Setouchi Fruit Garden

723-1 Osafunecho Osafune, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4271


By public transport:

Train from Okayama station to Osafune station: 30 min

Osafune station to Setouchi fruit garden:

By taxi: 5 min

By foot: 25 min (2 km)

By bike (osafune station rental shop): 15-20 min

By car from Okayama Station:
Around 40 min towards Setouchi and then Osafune.

Useful Information
Free Parking
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