Senbei Yaki activity


Senbei (煎餅)are traditional rice crackers present in Japanese culture this Ed period.

There are so many types (salty, spicy, sweet) and flavors (shrimp, Japanese curry, soy sauce, chocolate etc…) that make them suit everyone palate and perfect for casual snack or refreshment with green tea.

Hatakeyama Seika is a famous senbei brand which store (named Kibinoya) is located in Oku neighborhood. Beside selling rice crackers at a very attractive price, the store offers a singular experience to customer: cooking sembei

Put the senbei thin paste on the grill and see it becoming a thick and crispy rice cracker. Enjoy cooking your own senbei and customizing it with soy sauce.

Activity only on reservation


Hatakeyama Seika senbei recipe :
  • Rinse then cook the rice
  • Pound the rice into paste
  • Let rest 3 days in a fridge
  • Spread the paste in thin layer
  • Cut round shape with a cookie cutter
  • Let them dry
  • Cook them on a grill


/ Price & Opening Hours

Opened everyday from 9 am to 5 pm
Closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Entrance fee : Free

Activity fee : 50¥ per sembei


Kibinoya - Hatakeyama Seika

702 Okucho Toyohara, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4223


Transportation from Oku station

Bus : 8 min

Bus n° 4 Ōdomi-Oku station line (大富―邑久駅線) ー direction Ōdomi station (大富駅)
Stop at Hatakeyama Seika entrance はたけやませいかいりぐち

Taxi : 7 min