Pottery and ceramics are one of humanity’s most ancient art forms practiced all around the globe. Even this small corner of Japan boasts a long and rich History in pottery and ceramic-making and is especially famous for the earthy Bizen pottery and the elegant Sue pottery. Established where ancient kilns and relics were once found, Sabukaze museum is a great place to learn more about this traditional Japanese art-form as well as the local history. With several exhibitions held throughout the year, visitors can admire their complex beauty and even purchase some as a souvenir.

For those who want to become more familiar with Bizen or Sue pottery-making and who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty, visitors can sign up for a pottery class and try their hand at creating anything they fancy, whether it is a simple cup, a vase, a tea mug, a sake glass, a candle holder, a rice bowl or even a weirdly shaped unidentifiable thing. Whatever tickles your fancy! For more information about the workshops, please click on this link. Explanations on a the website are available in English and in French!

/ Price & Opening Hours

Free entry
Open from 9h to 17h.
Closed on mondays and the day following a public holidays. If a monday is a public holiday, the museum is open then but will be closed the following day.


Sabukaze Pottery Centre

3900 Ushimadocho Ushimado, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4302


By public transport:

Board a train from Okayama station to Oku station on the Ako line (around 30 min).

At Oku station, take the bus to Ushimado (bus stop is right in front of the station) and get off at the Ozu Teiryusho (小津停留所). Around 15 minutes.  Then walk from the bus stop to Sabukaze (around 20 minutes).  

By car from Okayama station:

Take the Blue line towards Setouchi and get off at the Oku exit. Drive towards Ushimado and keep an eye out for signs indicating Sabukaze museum (寒風陶芸会館). Around 43 minutes. Free parking available.

Useful links

Sabukaze Official website (English and French available): http://www.sabukaze.com/index.html