Sea Kayaking, cycling, fishing, swimming, camping, star gazing through giant telescopes, hiking, and the list goes on!

Surrounded by gorgeous blue-green waters, Maejima is maybe ‘only’ 10 km long but things to do there are endless! Come and cycle around the island as you enjoy the gentle spring breeze and cherry blossoms, or hop on a kayak in the summertime and stop by one of Maejima’s sandy beaches.

For the more adventurous ones, try out a two day camping/kayak trip in Autumn during the full-moon and experience Tsukimi (月見-Moon viewing) one of Japan’s oldest traditions. If camping is not your thing and you wish to simply have a nice and relaxing weekend, there are many pensions and minshukus (民宿-guesthouse) scattered all around the island from where you are sure to enjoy not only some delicious fresh food, but also admire the magnificent sunset Ushimado bay is famous for.

If you happen to have a group of 10 people or more, Carillon House is the place to go! Not only does it cater to large groups, they also offer a rich panel of activities and transportation to and from Maejima port.

/ Price & Opening Hours

Ferry Price (round trip):
240 yen per adult, 120 yen per child
820 yen per car under 3 meters
360 yen per bicycle (Adult)
240 yen per bicycle (Child)


Maejima Island

Ushimadocho Ushimado Setouchi, Okayama 701-4302


By Ferry from Ushimado to Maejima:

One way: 5 minutes

To see departure times, please click here. The schedule on the left hand side indicates departure times from Maejima Island (前島発). The one on the right hand side is from Ushimado (牛窓発).

Free parking available at the docks.

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