Looking for top-of-the-state, artfully-made, delectable Japanese sweets to bring back to your family or colleagues (or maybe just for yourself) ? Well, search no further, the Shikishima Japanese Sweet shop is the place to go! The moment you enter the shop, you are immediately welcomed by a beautiful presentation of THE sweet of the season, before making your way around the many different colours, shapes and flavours the shop has to offer. Walk around each stand and take the time to admire the finesse and elegance of the wagashi (Japanese sweet). Try out the samples on offer and enjoy the sweetness of the red-bean paste, or the softness of the mochi melting on your tongue. The wagashi is an art in itself and a joy for every senses.


Opening Hours

8:00 to 19:00
Opened all week long
Closed on New Year’s Day


Shikishima Japanese Sweet Shop

1153-1 Okuchō Owari, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4221


By public transport:  

Board the train on the Ako line from Okayama station and get off at Oku station (25 min). Spot the bus stop located in front of the station and hop on the bus heading to Ushimado (10 min). Get off at the Sencho-nishi stop.

Another option is to simply grab a taxi at Oku station (around 5 min and costs around 1000 yen)

By car from Okayama station:

Get on the Blue Line and exit at Oku exit. Take the direction towards Ushimado.  Around 41 minutes.

Useful information

Free Parking