Eat a delicious taiyaki in a “Jiffy”


What a taiyaki is ?

Let’s introduce Jiffy the taiyaki shop held by Mr. MAEGAWA Yōichi and located in Oku town. Do you know this sweet? Taiyaki, which literally means “baked sea bream”, is a Japanese traditional soft fish-shaped cake cooked between two hot plates. Usually, it is filled with anko (red beans paste) but nowadays, you can find it with various filling such as custard, chocolate, sweet potato or even cream cheese.


Jiffy’s speciality

But Jiffy’s taiyaki is not just a conventional fluffy cake. Indeed, Mr. Maegawa uses puff pastry and also burns the outside with a blowtorch to enhance its texture and its flavor. A perfect balance between softness of the filling and crispiness of the dough.

In addition to usual flavor such as custard and anko, Mr. Maegawa creates a different flavor per season so you can enjoy regular and new taste all year around. A taiyaki is supposed to be eaten warm but even cold it is delicious. See you soon at Jiffy !

Important : takeout only

Opening Hours

Opening hours : From 10 a.m to 6 p.m
Opening days : Everyday
Closed day : Contact the shop for more information about closed day and annual closing period (New Year, National holiday...)

Telephone : 070-5300-1358


Jiffy (ジッフィー)

191-2 Okucho Mameda, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4254


Transportation from Oku station

Bus : 18 min

Bus n°6 Osafune north line (長船北線) ー direction Osafune service area (おさふねサービスエリア)
Stop at Time Osafune station たいむおさふねてん
Then walk 5 min to the shop

Train : 15 min

Take the Banshū-Ako line (播州赤穂線) ー direction Banshū-Ako station (播州赤穂駅)
stop at Osafune station (長船駅)
Then walk 11 min to the shop

Taxi : 7 min