Situated right in front of the Seto Inland Sea with a wide bay window, Iwaburo is the perfect place to relax far away from the crowd while enjoying some delicious home-made beach food! Managed by a lovely Japanese couple, this beach shack-like restaurant is very nicely and simply decorated with an outdoor patio and a direct access to the beach. Thanks to Its wide bay windows, the room is very pleasantly lit and the view on the sea and the nearby islands is soothing and gorgeous. 

The food spans from taco rice (one of the best I have had since Okinawa), to pizzas cooked in their home-made traditional oven, pasta, french fries, lovely ice creams and more! The restaurant is located only a stone-throw away from a stand up paddle shop, the perfect combo for some summer fun! It is open all year-round though, the best and most pleasant seasons being Autumn and Spring.   


Opening Hours

Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Open from 11:00 to 17:00


Iwaburo Beach Restaurant

6836-4 鹿忍 牛窓町 Setouchi, Okayama 701-4303


By public transport:

Board the train on the Ako line from Okayama station and get off at Oku station (25 min). Spot the bus stop located in front of the station and hop on the bus heading to Ushimado (20 min). Get off at the last stop near the Limani Hotel and grab a taxi to Iwaburo (around 11 minutes and 1500-2000 yen)

Another option is to simply grab a taxi at Oku station (around 25 min and 3000 yen). 

By car :

53 minutes by car from Okayama station.

Useful information:

Free parking