Every year in early November, Setouchi City, in collaboration with its sister city in Korea, holds a unique Korean Festival in the gorgeous coastal area of Ushimado to celebrate its historical ties with Korea as well as to foster amicable cultural relations. During the Edo period, a group of Korean diplomats, called the Korean delegation, consisting of around 300 to 500 people were sent to Japan to resolve any issues between both countries as well as for the celebration of the inauguration of the new Tokugawa Shogun.

They were sent around 12 times and would stop by Ushimado on their way to Edo where they would be received with the greatest respect and enthusiasm. As Japan had cut itself off from the outside world, these were seen as exciting opportunities for business and cultural exchanges.

Today the Korean delegation parades once more throughout the city with colourful traditional Korean outfits accompanied with music and exciting dances. The whole event culminates with a fantastic show during which the audience is treated to many unique traditional Korean performances as well as a very fangirling K-pop concert.

For more information, check out this video made in November 2018 by youtuber Bobby Coutu:



Early November


Ushimado Community Centre

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