Merry Christmas !


Christmas season is a very festive period in Japan and also in Setouchi. Every year, the last weekend before Christmas, Setouchi Tinkerbell choir organizes a concert where very young children and high school students join together to sing, dance and perform.


Tinkerbell Choir

This choir purpose is to create bound between children of different ages, provide support, a place to gather and relax from schooling but also to let them express their creativity.

All year long, they train together in dancing, acting, singing and playing bells. Then, just before Christmas, they perform in the central community center in front of Setouchi citizen.


The concert

It is a great achievement for children of this age and all the community is proud of them and delighted to see their performance. From a small gathering, it became an event of its own that citizen is waiting for those past few years.

If you happen to be in Setouchi during this period, feel free to assist this concert, the community will be very pleased to share this moment with you.

Facebook page (only in Japanese) : Tinkerbell choir


Last weekend before Christmas


Setouchi-shi Central Community Center

465-1 Okucho Owari, Setouchi, Okayama 701-4221