Trip Summary

Trip Duration: A Day
Trip Starting Point: Ushimado Shiomachi Karakoto Street
Means of Transport: By Foot/By Bike

This is the perfect route to take for all those who are looking to truly understand Ushimado and its rich history! Do not be fooled by its quiet demeanor, thanks to its port town status and its location between major cities such as Osaka and Hiroshima, many ships stopped by Ushimado throughout its history turning it into a once bustling and active place. Vestiges of this once busy and prosperous past can still be seen as you stroll down the main street of the town.

In addition to the History, you will also find on the way many spiritual areas, some standing in plain sight in the middle of the town or hidden up in a wooded hill, as well as numerous 'Pops and Ma' restaurants in which you can be sure that you will enjoy a delicious and fresh meal! The entire route can be done either by foot or by bike. You can grab a bike at Ushimado tourist information center.

Shiomachi Karakoto Street

An old merchant road full of history

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After making your way in the morning to Ushimado, start by strolling down the main street of Ushimado.

Things to spot: The old bank, Honrenji Temple, the ‘Cat’ Shrine, the Korean delegation museum, the ancient lighthouse, and more!

Stop by the Ushimado tourist information center to get a map to make sure you do not miss anything!

Shiosai Restaurant and Tea House

Enjoy some delicious homemade Japanese food in an old traditional Japanese home!

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There are many restaurants to try out in Ushimado! More than you might think actually!This is just one example!

For more information, Check out the eat&drink page.

Honrenji Temple & Ushimado Shrine

Hidden spiritual gems steeped in legends and history

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After you have enjoyed a delicious lunch, hop on your bike or make your way by foot (or by car if you have one) to Ushimado Shrine. After finding the impressive stone torii, make your way up the flight of stone steps that will take you through the forest all the way to the beautiful entrance of this legendary shrine.

If you have a car or if you are fit enough to go by bike, pop by the Olive Garden. Enjoy the view, grab an olive flavoured ice cream and maybe even a nice warm coffee. If you have some time, admire the sun setting over the Seto Inland Sea.